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About Tribe and You

Functional - tried and tested by me!

Tribe and You is your go-to source for the basics when you're embarking on the most important job you could have, being a mum!

It was difficult to know where to shop when I started nursing, couldn't work out what I really needed - everything was already confusing and daunting, I didn't want to have to think about clothes too!

I decided to provide nursing clothes that I knew worked well - from a newborn who needs your full support, to an inquisitive 6 month old who just wanted to watch what is happening around them... leaving the food source nicely exposed to passers by. I find the clothes comfortable and easy to nurse my baby in - for example, the zips can be opened and closed one handed. 

As time goes by I will add to the collection, but I hope you find something for you and you enjoy the items as much as I have. 

Thanks for stopping by - any questions, please contact me - call/text/email, I'm more than happy to help. 

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